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Important Notices



For up-to-date fire status please visit www.ponokacounty.com Ponoka County App Notifications or www.albertafirebans.ca or contact the County Office at 403-783-3333. 












                      NOTICE TO RIMBEY RATEPAYERS

Re:  Tax Arrears

Please be advised that all overdue taxes are due and payable by December 31, 2022.  All outstanding taxes on January 1, 2023 will be subject to a penalty of 18% as per Bylaw 870/11.  Tax payments received by mail MUST BE POSTMARKED no later than December 31, 2022.  If the postmark indicates January 1, 2023, the penalty will be applied.  Should you wish to drop off your tax payment on or before December 31, 2022; a mail slot is located on the south exterior wall of the Town Administration Office for your convenience.


Annual Yard Waste Program

The Yard Waste Program is available again this year.  This is a user pay program whereby you place your grass clippings and yard waste in an 80 litre bin purchased from the Town and we pick it up on Monday mornings.  Yard waste is: leaves, grass clippings, mulch, flowers and plants, unscreened compost (de-composted yard waste materials), non-invasive weeds, tree and brush pruning, sod and dirt attached to sod in small quantities.  Yard waste does not include: animal feces, cardboard, plastic, soil, rocks, fencing, fabric, netting and other non-vegetated landscaping and gardening waste.  Any material other than yard waste is not permitted.

 If you were on the program in the previous year and were billed monthly, you remain on the program unless you tell us otherwise.  However, if you were on the program in the previous year and paid a one- time fee of $36.00 you must call the Town Office to renew this service. 

 For residents new to the program, please contact the Town Office to sign up for the program.  You will be required to purchase, from the Town of Rimbey, an 80 litre bin (maximum of 2 bins) at a cost of $11.00 each plus GST.

 The cost of the program is as follows: Annual Cost of $36.00 averaged over 12 months (January to December) is $3.00 per month on your utility bills, OR $36.00 payable in one lump sum payment.  If you join the program part way through the year, the cost is still $36.00.  This is not negotiable.

If the residence is a rental property, the homeowner, must also sign the registration form as it may be an addition to their previously signed utility rental agreement.

Should you require further information, please call the Town of Rimbey Administration Office at 403-843-2113. 




Utility bills are mailed out in the first week of each month and are due by 4:30 pm, two business days before the end of the month and can be paid by direct withdrawal, credit card, check or debit. Penalties will be applied to all accounts that have not been paid by the deadline. It is the property owners' responsibility to ensure that information is current; please make sure to let us know if you are buying or selling a property or if your banking or credit card information has changed as soon as possible. 





The Town of Rimbey requires that all dogs and cats owned within the municipal boundaries are required to be licensed and wearing a tag. Dog & cat licenses are affordable and ensure that Animal Services can make every effort to reunite you with your pet if ever lost. Licenses are available for purchase at the Town Office.



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